Why WordPress?

Why choose WordPress over a basic website builder?, because WordPress grows as your business grows. Many hosting companies will offer a basic “site builder” package in with their small business web hosting. On the face of things these packages can look very attractive, allowing you to get a professional looking website up and running quickly, but what happens after you finish your site? Usually, you are left with a static, fixed website with little room for expansion or upgrading.

WordPress is different

wordpress-logo-notext-rgbWordPress is not a website in of itself, it’s a content management system. It is a piece of software that runs on your web server and helps you to manage and build your website. It’s the most popular content management system in existence today and it is used by thousands of websites, including BBC America, Ars Technica, The New York Times, even by the world famous rapper Snoop Dog. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose WordPress.

WordPress is easy to learn – Creating your first website and adding pages in WordPress isn’t much more difficult than using a program like Microsoft Word. Sure, those basic website builders you may encounter might be easy too, but WordPress has so much more to offer.

WordPress gives you more options – With basic website builder packages, you are typically locked into a small number of templates with limited flexibility. In WordPress, you can choose from thousands of themes, or even pay a programmer to customise and develop one to your exact specifications. Our website packages include any theme from ElegantThemes.com, or you can choose your own from anywhere. Bored with your websites current appearance?, simply upload a new theme and, usually with minimal tweaking, you can have a whole new website up and running in minutes.

wordpress-yayWordPress is extendible – Here’s where WordPress leaves those instant website creator packages in the dust. WordPress is modular and extendible, very extendible. There are already thousands of plugins and extensions for the system. Imagine if you set up your small business website and then later wanted to add a forum, a booking system or an e-commerce module. In WordPress that’s just a matter of choosing and uploading the relevant plug-in. In a basic website builder, while it might still be possible, it’s not going to be quite so simple.

Are there any disadvantages to WordPress? Security can be a concern, with WordPress being so widely used, it’s often a target for hackers. Care must be taken to keep your WordPress site up to date and to perform regular backups. We can help with both of these tasks if necessary.

WordPress users often install plugins to add functionality to their sites. Many of these plugins are developed for free by hobbyist programmers. Sometimes, plugin development can be abandoned. If you have come to depend on a plugin for some functionality on your site, this means having to quickly find an alternative.

Overall, we’re certain the advantages of WordPress easily outweigh the disadvantages. Why not check out our WordPress packages today and take your small business site to the next level.

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