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Check out the following websites in our network. Each website has its own exciting content and monetisation mix. If you see anything that inspires you, get in touch with us today.


play-old-gamesPlay-Old-PC-Games.com – Computer games designed for older machines will often run on more modern hardware with a little technical know how. This site show users how to get their favourite old games running again on a new PC. With thousands of visitors every day, the site has grown into a respected and trusted source of information for computer game fans!

Play-Old-PC-Games.com is a great example of how you can turn a hobby interest into a website that generates extra income.


top-windows-tutorialsTop-Windows-Tutorials.com – Want your business to stand out from the crowd? Video is a great way to do that, but if you just rely on Youtube you will be lost in a sea of videos from competing Youtubers, both professional and amateur. Top-Windows-Tutorials is an example of how a small business can stand out with its own distinct website. Using the Foliovision Flowplayer in WordPress, its video content is free of excessive advertising or Youtube’s automatic promotion of competing sites, effectively pre-selling customers and keeping them focused on the business.

Top-Windows-Tutorials.com has been educating and informing its visitors for almost a decade now and gets thousands of hits every day. It also has a strong following on social media and via its monthly newsletter.


videogameperfectionVideogameperfection.com – If you want to build trust in your business, what better way than to show your customers that you are as enthusiastic and knowledgeable in your niche as they are? VideoGamePerfection.com is a hugely successful site that reviews and tests niche computer gaming products and accessories. It also has its own user forum and web store (powered by FoxyCart and FoxyShop) that sells products worldwide.

VideoGamePerfection.com proves that e-commerce needn’t be expensive or complicated to set up. The era of building a business in your bedroom is truly upon us.


virtualdreamcastVirtualDreamcast.com – Another site within the computer/games console gaming niche. VirtualDreamcast.com shows computer gaming enthusiasts how they can run software titles designed for the Sega Dreamcast games console on their home PCs.

A newer site in our network that’s slowly gaining a following and is continuing to grow.


As you can see, WordPress really does make it easy to get a professional, upgradable and future proof website that grows with your business needs. Multimedia and video, social media integration, forums, commenting, e-commerce and more are quick and painless to set up. From sole proprietor to multinational company, WordPress grows as your business grows.

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Matt Buxton is the founder of ACEL Systems. A freelance web blogger, writer, consultant and author. When not building websites, he's usually found clutching a games controller and enjoying his collection of obscure PC or games console games.

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